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smart fortwo 451 headlight bulb

look at the car, turn the bulb holder anticlockwise. As with most bulbs of this design, to release them you push in, twist and pull out. I have done

it on a few occasions and it takes less than 5 minutes each, you really need manual dexterity. Remove der verführte mann l'homme blessé the front centre panel to gain access to the headlights. Then do the other side - easy. Reach behind the headlight and pull of the rubber cap nearest the centre of the car. Pull the headlight away from the car and detatch the 2 wiring connectors from the back. The video above shows you to replace the headlight in your 2009 Smart Fortwo. Reconnect the connector and test. From left to right (this is the drivers-RHD light unit) we was kostet tinder have. Rotate the connection a quarter turn downwards. Fortwo (Service Screen the main problem with this method is that you can't see what you are doing, it is all done by touch. Disconnect the connector and twist the stalk an 8th of a turn to release. Redo the clips and and replace the cover tightly. Crossblade If you are one of the few Crossblade owners, you better get good at changing bulbs through the service screen because taking the panels off a Crossblade is no easy task. Fortwo (Front Off thanks to Problemchild (JJ) for providing this info. I just went to get mine done, I mentioned to them that it still may be covered under warranty, he looked at me funny told me I'd still have to pay for the bulb, took my keys and went to go fix. Headlight Rear Layout, yellow - Indicator, main/Full Beam Bulb (H7). For those of you who got their headlights changed under warranty, I assume they didn't make you pay for the bulb? This is the rear of the original non cabrio mk1 to mk5 fortwo. And only has 22,000kms. Double Ellipse Peanut Light Fixings, this is the rear of the cabrio and facelift model fortwo. These markers line up to depict the open or closed state of the cap. He also changed only one. Remove the black cover of each unit.

T easy to work out what the rear of the light is close like. When fitting the new bulb, s exactly the same for the dipped beam bulb too as below. Refitting the stalk is the reverse of removal. Put the service screen on and job done. Hopefully these pictures may help you a bit as it isnapos. Be aware that it will only go in one way round because of the tab. This is the complete stalk with the 501 wedge bulb in place. Twist anticlockwise and pull, make sure you are attempting to put the headlight in the right way with the tab facing. SideParking ist Bulb 501 over in the far corner of each light is the sidelight stalk.

Remove the front panels to gain access to the headlight fixings, see here.Each headlight is held in with 3 Torx25 screws, remove these.

Yes they can be awkward and stiff to turn. Which significantly shortens the life, if bmi volwassenen it doesnapos, if it works you have saved yourself a load of time. Many people have said the job is only slightly easier with the front off anyway.

If you want to replace the full beam bulb, remove the connector and undo the clip that holds it in place and remove the bulb.Indicator/Turn Signal Bulb (PY21W).


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