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european parliament committee agriculture

following policy areas: the common agricultural policy (CAP animal health and welfare, plant health, agricultural products quality, forestry and agroforestry. They also can guarantee that programmes will have the

necessary budget for implementation. Pests and diseases can easily spread to several countries and reach epidemic proportions, threatening the livelihoods of farmers and the food and nutrition security of millions of people. Elisabeth Köstinger, Austria Mairead McGuinness, Ireland Nuno Melo, Portugal Marijana Petir, Croatia Éric Andrieu, France, Vice-Chair Clara Aguilera García, Spain, Vice-Chair Vasilica Dncil, Romania, Vice-Chair Paul Brannen, United Kingdom Nicola Caputo, Italy Paolo De Castro, Italy Maria Noichl, Germany Constantin agriculture Rebega, Romania Marc Tarabella, Belgium. We agree that reducing the overuse and misuse of antimicrobial medicines in livestock is vital to stop the appearance of resistant microorganisms. The Assessment of Scientific and Technological Policy Options for the European Parliament. Norbert Erds, Hungary, esther Herranz García, Spain, peter Jahr, Germany, jarosław Kalinowski, Poland. In addition to its legislative work, our Committee monitors the implementation of the CAP, and other important issues such as food security. Changes in farm policy, eU farm policy has evolved considerably in recent decades to help farmers face new challenges and also in response to changing public attitudes. The report is available for download on FAOs webpage, and I have some summary versions here with me for distribution. We cannot lose sight that today we produce enough food to feed the global population, but about one-third of the food produced is either lost or wasted. The way to combat this is to transform food systems, from production to consumption, and provide healthier diets to people. The report lists 15 trends that are expected to influence agricultural production and food systems in the next decades, such as the impacts of climate change, the competition for natural resources, conflicts and migration. This has increased dramatically in recent years. And I would like to conclude by commending the Members of the European Parliament that have established the Alliance Fight against Hunger, which will certainly play an important role to combat all forms of malnutrition in Europe. Estimates indicate that nearly half of the adult population in the European Union countries are overweight. This includes the save food initiative, established in collaboration with the German institutions Messe Düsseldorf and the United Nations Environmental Programme (unep). Contents, responsibilities of the Committee edit, aGRI is the European Parliament committee responsible for: The operation and development of the. And based on these trends, the report foresees 10 challenges for achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture worldwide. Let me start by highlighting that last February, FAO launched a new report, called The future of food and agriculture: trends and challenges. This disease has spread to large regions in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Business as usual is no longer an option. Afco Meeting, see all, ordinary legislative procedure, the ordinary legislative procedure is the general rule for adopting legislation at European Union level. Today's broadcasts, no broadcast today, view program, multimedia Library - 17:38.

European parliament committee agriculture, Pflanzliche mittel gegen angst und panik

The future of bücher agriculture is not inputintensive. Maintaining current farming practices will lead to more and more degradation of natural resources. The fourth aspect that I wish to highlight is the importance of eradicating not only hunger. As we are currently doing in South Sudan and Somalia. FAO is part of the tripartite alliance with the World Health Organization WHO demenz and the World Organization for Animal Health OIE. And even in situation of conflicts and protracted crises. In this respect, today, we promote programmes of vaccination, fAO supports countries to implement prevention and surveillance systems.

The, committee on, agriculture and Rural Development (agri) is responsible for scrutinising the.European, commission s work related to agricultural policy.

Forestry, this is a unique partnership to raise awareness. Helps farmers produce sufficient quantities of food for Europe ensures this food is safe for example through traceability protects farmers from excessive price volatility and market crises helps them frontfrau - deutschlands erste verteidigungsministerin ursula von der leyen invest in modernising their farms. The kiss trick youtube second issue that I want to highlight is the spread of transboundary pests and diseases. Helping consumers make informed choices about their food. In order toenhance collaboration andimprove governance regarding the sustainable management of soils.

Our website provides a lot of information, in all the languages of the EU, to allow you to follow our work: meeting agendas, live webstreaming of our meetings, reports and amendments, MEP profiles and contact details, etc.Legislation on: Veterinary and plant-health matters, animal feedingstuffs provided such measures are not intended to protect against risks to human health.Delegated acts, interinstitutional register of delegated acts.


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